Monday, May 25, 2020

How to Write Argumentative Essays on Controversial Topics

How to Write Argumentative Essays on Controversial TopicsAlthough argumentative essay writing can be an immensely difficult task to accomplish, there are some topics that will absolutely need your strong words and strong arguments. These topics are often controversial or even polarizing topics that will truly cause some amount of arguments, be it positive or negative.Political Topics: Many subjects, especially political topics, can truly turn people into raging homicidal maniacs. The most famous example of this is when Richard Nixon fired the Watergate Special Prosecutor Archibald Cox, a move that led to the resignation of Nixon. Politics are extremely emotional and argumentative topics that are sure to erupt into all-out shouting matches between proponents and opponents alike.Sex Education: Sex education is another topic that will constantly come up with a certain degree of intensity. This is because there is always someone who is against it, whether it be because they think it's da ngerous to children or they're too embarrassed to have one. There are also those who believe that sex education should be taught in schools. The topic is certainly one that will get the attention of everyone, and anyone who knows the topic well will definitely try to push their point.Pollution: In our busy world, pollution has been one of the worst problems that have affected people negatively. It is absolutely necessary to discuss this topic if only to make sure everyone is clear on what its effects can be.Religion: This is a subject that is controversial on many fronts and causes more people to argue about the topic than it does to have no effect at all. The topic of religion has caused huge amounts of protests, riots, and even war throughout history.Video Games: Nowadays, video games have gotten a bad reputation due to the violent content within them. People are constantly trying to convince the world that video games are a great way to spend time, but those who believe in video games will never back down.These are just a few controversial topic topics. There are dozens more, which will continue to stir the pot. You must be able to write an argumentative essay that is both relevant and interesting to the readers.Whether or not you feel that you are qualified to write on a given topic is not a factor in determining which controversial topics you will write about. In fact, if you were given the opportunity to write on a controversial topic, I am sure you would be able to write an argumentative essay on it, no matter how related or unrelated it may be to your own knowledge.

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